Product Testing

Precision Testing Labs (PTLabs), 732-905-5000, provides specialized testing of commercial / industrial products and raw materials including analysis for chemical composition, purity, contamination, quality control, specification assay performance, and the presence of biodiesel. Specialized techniques and instrumentation for these services include chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, ICP spectrometers, ion chromatography, and wet chemistry.

Do you have a product that requires specialty analysis?

Precision Testing Lab’s instrumentation diversity and expertise in the field of analytical chemistry enables the laboratory to support clients with specialty analysis.

  • Specialized Techniques & Instrumentation Diversity

    • Chromatography
    • Mass spectrometry
    • IR/VIS/UV spectroscopy
    • ICP / ICAP Spectrometers
    • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
    • ION Chromatography
    • Others
  • Specialized Analytical Scientists

    Our staff consists of professionals in the fields of chemistry, biology, environmental science, geology, hydrogeology, and industrial applications.

  • Customized Methodology

    We use existing regulatory methods or develop our own custom methods.

  • Raw Material Analysis

    Analysis to determine purity levels and identify contaminants.

  • Chemical Composition Analysis

    Analysis to confirm the composition of mixtures.

  • Contamination Analysis

    Detection and identification of contaminants in a wide range of materials and products. Able to uncover trace levels of impurities.

  • Quality Control Testing

    Testing a wide range of materials, products, and components to determine adherence to pre-defined requirements.

  • Specification Assay

    Testing to determine ingredients for the composition labeling of a variety of products.

  • Biodiesel Analysis

    Detecting the presence of biodiesel.

Examples of customized methods we now provide:

  • Assay for petroleum additives
  • Flash point on petroleum additives
  • Gasoline contamination testing
  • Die constituent analysis of KERR triple die
  • Electronic cigarette product testing for nicotine, DEG, and impurities

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