Environmental Testing

NJDEP Certified Precision Testing Labs (PTLabs) in Toms River, Ocean County, 732-905-5000, delivers high-quality, accurate, and cost effective on-time environmental testing results for EPH, DRO, GRO, TPH, Semi volatiles, Volatiles, Pesticides, PCB's, Petroleum, Metals, Soil and Waste Characterization.

Precision Testing Labs builds its business on delivering high-quality accurate results on-time at a reasonable cost:

PTL performs a diverse array of analytical methods including:

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analysis: EPH / DRO / GRO / TPH
  • Semi volatiles: Base Neutrals / Acid-Extractables
  • Volatiles: Chlorinated Solvents / Aromatics / Oxygenates
  • Pesticides
  • PCB’s
  • Metals
  • Waste Characterization and Disposal Analysis
  • PTL is a NJDEP Certified laboratory

How many times has your EPH holding time expired before you received results and the contingent analyses could be activated?

How many times have you had to pay to “extract and hold” for your EPH contingencies so you wouldn’t blow the holding time?

  • Not at Precision Testing Labs! View your preliminary testing results live online through our LiveResults login so you can tell sooner if you’ll need contingency testing.
  • Our EPH Category 1 TAT is 3 business days so contingencies can be activated within the 2-week holding time WITHOUT the extra cost to “extract and hold.”
  • PTLabs is attentive to every sample that arrives to ensure you’ll meet your holding times.

PTLabs has the flexibility to offer LSRPs and Environmental Consultants:

  • Final deliverables in PDF, Excel comparisons to NJDEP criteria, EDD (electronic data deliverables), and paper formats.
  • Final deliverables (reduced or full deliverables) that always include the NJ Data of Known Quality Conformance / Non-Conformance page as mandated by the QAPP / DKQP Technical Guidance.
  • Sample containers (including preservatives, if necessary) for pick-up, delivery, or shipping.
  • Sample pick-up services for clients throughout New Jersey.

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